Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lake Powell

We just got back from Lake Powell (last week) and were so bummed that it didn't last longer.  We love that place!  The water was a balmy 65 degrees but the weather worked out so we had sun the whole time.  As usual, Phoenix treated the beach as his personal buffet and Easton loved playing with his cousins and in the water.  We both did as much as we could (skiing, wakeskate, cliff jumping, kneeboarding, tubing, swimming and torped0) but it still didn't feel like enough!  Amelia went boating for the first time and loved it.  She was on the tube most of the time, yelling insults at whoever was driving!  Ben still retains his crown and reigns supreme as the "King of All Kneeboarding".  Next year, baby!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This Is How We Roll On A Wednesday Night!

Camping...In The Mountains

About a month ago we went camping with the Whalen's around the side of Timp and had a total blast!  Easton sleeps like a champ camping and loves hot dogs.  We left Phoenix behind because he cries all night when it's cold.  Steph and Summer thought they spotted some elf tracks in the morning, but traced them to the Whalen tent and found Sean's fairy boots out front!  They quickly realized that it was just a false alarm.  There was a hairy moment when the bow hunter (who's camp site we stole) came back with his bow and arrows and .45; he was pretty p.0.'d and we all thought he was going to come back in the night and shoot us!