Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our Havasupai Adventure

This place was crazy!

Steph and I decided to go up the canyon last month and get some pictures of all of us together (since we didn't really have any)

Monday, June 2, 2008


So we've had a few good laughs (mixed with embarrassment) with Easton lately.  First of all, I was racing to get the boys ready and out the door as fast as I could for one of my aerobics classes that I teach at Gold's Gym.  As I was getting Easton dressed upstairs I remembered that his pants were downstairs and I told myself to grab them on the way out the door.  Of course I forgot and realized it when I got to the gym.  I couldn't not show up to instruct my class so I took him to daycare with no pants.  They probably thought I was the worst mom!

Second funny experience happened at McDonald's last weekend.  I went inside to quickly rent a movie from redbox and in the mean time Easton ran to play on the indoor playground.  In the middle of the process Easton charges by and stands in front of me with no pants on, no underpants on or shoes. Yup, just a shirt.  The people in line behind me start laughing and of course I'm humiliated.  I asked him where his pants where and he just runs off wanting me to chase him.  I was torn with what to do but finished renting the movie cause everybody was waiting.  In the back of my head I knew exactly why he had taken off his pants but didn't want to face up to the fact.  Ben came running in from the car because he saw Easton's bare bum running around Mickey D's.  He grabbed on to Easton's arm to stop him from running around while I went back to the playland to check out the damage....I was right.  He had pooped in his underpants so he took everything off then stepped in it with his shoes so took them off too.  What I nightmare.  Thank goodness it was closed so nobody was in there.  This potty training thing has been really rough.

I hate to admit it, but a month before that he had a similar experience but this time it happened in the playground way up high.  He came out with no pants on and we all looked at each other like, "oh crap."  When Ben went up there sure enough he found a nice surprise.  The sad thing is I don't even know if it was Easton's because it looked dried and crusty.  Who knows how many different feces samples are in that thing.  Anyway, we cleaned up Easton's bum as quickly as we could then went to tell the store manager acting like it wasn't our kid's poo that we discovered because we felt so stupid.  He had to shut the whole area down for cleaning.  I think he called it a "code black" or something.  We did feel pretty bad but were laughing pretty hard inside.  I bet that makes you think twice about eating at McDonalds!

Easton turns three!!!

Yes, it's been a month since Easton turned three but I still wanted to blog about it with the phrase in mind, "Better late than never."  In the slide show are some memorable experiences of his life with us over the years and pictures of him that I thought were cute or funny.  We threw him a little "spiderman" birthday party and invited a handful of friends.  It went good until spiderman showed up and all the kids started crying  and running away.  Gotta love three year olds.

Check out my Slide Show!